Whisky processing


High equipment efficiency meets traditional production methods.

Both, in the beer industry and in the production of whisky, malt is used as one of the major ingredients. At a first glance the equipment used for producing beer and whisky looks similar. However, when looking at the details more closely it is obvious that there are important and essential differences in the operation of the equipment, in the process technology, and also in the quality parameters used for assessing the plant and the product.

Using our in-depth experience in the beer brewing industry and in close cooperation with experts from the whisky production sector, here at ROLEC we have developed a plant concept that combines the high efficiency and capacity of modern beer brewing equipment with traditional methods used in whisky production. As a result we are able to supply complete solutions for the mash and wort production and for the fermentation. Our concept helps to reduce the raw material and energy consumption and increase the production capacity of the equipment without neglecting the traditional production methods that are required to produce this high quality product.


ROLEC offers complete solutions for the whisky production, including:

  • Malt handling and milling
  • Mashing and lautering
  • Energy recovery systems
  • CIP plants
  • Water tanks
  • Utility systems (steam, compressed air, cooling, etc.)
  • Automation and process control