Brewhouse technology


Our brewhouses are suitable for processing both dry and conditioned grist. In combination with dry milling we offer our ROLEC Pre-Mashing System for lump-free mash preparation. Our Decentral Mash Agitators ensure a better mixing effect, improved conversion processes and better mash heating rates.



Our ROLEC Lautertuns are designed for maximum production flexibility and a wide range of recipes. The filter surface and the required vessel diameter are calculated on the basis of your recipes and resulting malt loads. Multi-port mash inlets in combination with proper flow rates ensure even distribution of the mash, this resulting in a homogenous mash bed and therefore best possible extraction of malt sugars.

Our user-friendly automation systems and the applied measuring and control equipment together with amply dimensioned wort collection areas ensure high extract yields, excellent wort quality and a high throughput.



Wort Boiling is the most energy intensive process in the entire brewery. Our ROLEC X-Boil System offers full flexibility when selecting your wort boiling process. By simply changing the boiling parameters you can chose between a modern wort boiling process with reduced total evaporation, or a conservative boiling method or anything in between.