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Based on our experience in the engineering and design of turn-key systems we also supply appropriate concepts for the processing and production of soft drinks and other beverages. In doing so, we use our proven systems for sugar dissolving, mixing, pasteurizing and central equipment cleaning and equipment sterilization.

Continuous Sugar Dissolving Systems Types CS and HS

The ROLEC system HS is used for dissolving applications between 82° C and 85° C. If cold dissolving is an option, type CS is used. The sugar is dissolved at temperatures between 22° C and 35° C.

The dissolving process is monitored and controlled by a laser refractometer with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° Brix. The performance spectra of both types range from 2,500 liters to 20,000 liters per hour and enable a concentration of up to 68° Brix.

ROLEC dissolving systems set standards thanks to their energy-saving process technology and sophisticated energy recovery. This positive effect is accomplished through integrated heating of the dissolving water with simultaneous syrup cooling in combination with a downstream flash pasteurizer.

Batch sugar dissolving systems

When running non-constant production processes our batch dissolving systems are the ideal answer. These systems work with agitator tanks and sugar dosing screw. The dissolving capacity ranges from 1,000 liters to 8,000 liters per batch. Also the batch dissolving systems are designed for cold or hot dissolving processes and are particularly well suited for smaller batches.

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