Milling & Mashing

Our Brewhouses can be designed for the usage for wet or dry milling systems. In combination with dry milling we offer our ROLEC Pre-Mashing System for homogene mixing of the grist with water. The usage of our Decentral Mash Agitators results on a better mixing effect within the mash and improves the conversion processes.


Our ROLEC Lautertun Systems are designed for maximum production flexibility and a wide range of possible recipes. Our flexible control system combines with high lautering yield and wort quality.

Wort Boiling and Hop Dosing

Wort Boiling is the most energy intensive process in the entire brewery. Our ROLEC X-Boil System offers full flexibility at the selection of your wort boiling process. By simply changing some control system parameters you can chose between an modern wort boiling process with reduced total evaporation or a conservative boiling method or anything in between. With our ROLEC HOPNIK System the usage of natural hops or other ingredients is possible in fully automatic production mode.