Soft Drink Systems / Syrup Rooms

Complete Planning & Engineering – Reliable Interfaces - Efficient Operation

Based on our experience in engineering and design of turn-key systems we supply complete systems for the processing and production of soft drinks and beverages. As part of this we are using our proven systems for sugar dissolving, mixing, pasteurizing and central cleaning. Our syrup rooms can be equipped with central process control systems for efficient operation and production control.

Continuous sugar dissolving systems type CS and HS

The ROLEC system HS is used for dissolving applications between 82° Centigrade and 85° Centigrade. When cold dissolving is an option, the type CS will be applied. The Sugar gets dissolved at temperatures between 22° Centigrade and 35° Centigrade. The dissolving process is monitored and controlled by a laser refractometer with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° Brix

Batch sugar dissolving systems

When smaller quantities are run in a non-constant production process, we offer our batch dissolving systems. They work with propeller or turbine agitators and sugar dosing augers. The dissolving capacity reaches from 1000 litres to 8000 litres per batch. The batch systems can be applied for cold or hot dissolving processes.

CIP systems

ROLEC central cleaning systems offer a variety of application possibilities due to their flexibility and efficiency. Besides the beverage and brewing plants our CIP systems also find use in the food industry. Our modern and sophisticated automation systems in combination with high end measuring and control components offer a wide range of applications for the cleaning of beverage and food equipment and machinery